Content Service & Pricing

Phantom Post offers several free and paid services for bloggers that you can customize to your liking:

  • SEO and E-E-A-T-optimized, authoritative, and unique blog posts that readers actually want to read through
  • No grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors (with the help of Grammarly and custom rules)
  • Evergreen content that doesn’t mention current events (when applicable)
  • Free revisions**
  • Free monetization through (or any other websites of your choosing) affiliate links with a custom-tailored product plug to maximize clickthrough rate
  • Free quotes and external links to relevant articles from authoritative websites and studies (whenever possible) to boost the relevance and authoritativeness of your blog
  • Free plagiarism check with CopyLeaks
  • Original content without the help of AI chatbots*
  • Blog post uploads to your WordPress blog**
  • Internal links (both to articles we wrote and those already on your blog)***

*Excluding the AI-generated content tier
**Services with an asterisk include additional charges as per the pricing table.
***Revisions must be in agreement with our
Terms of Use.


Price per word (<10,000 words)$0.08
Price per word (10,000–49,999 words)$0.07
Price per word (50,000+ words)$0.06
Price per word (AI-generated content)$0.04
Upload to WordPress$2 per article
Internal links (links within your website)$3 per link
Internal links (previously published articles)$5 per link
Midjourney image (1024x1024p) (50% off if you order over 100)$1
Midjourney image (upscaled to 4K) (50% off if you order over 100)$1.5
Updating, editing, and optimizing existing blog posts (E-E-A-T content audit)On-demand
Writing eBooks, short stories, etc.On-demand
(We reserve the right to change the prices above without notice.)

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Work

Our blog posts follow the latest trends in organic SEO/E-E-A-T optimization to ensure you get the most up-to-date content. They’re free of grammatical errors and fluff.

We only assign articles to writers in niches they’re interested in. Also, writers are trained to optimize for E-E-A-T, which means that we include personal statements, anecdotes, and overall personality.

All articles are reviewed and edited by Ismar to ensure consistency and quality.

We primarily focus on the reader’s experience to ensure they get the right information fast, as this improves engagement and time on site.

Unlike some competitors, we won’t stuff your blog posts with keywords that have made many previously published articles on the internet unintelligible. We focus on simple words and easy-to-read paragraphs (like the text you’re reading now).

We ensure that the content we write is evergreen — it won’t become obsolete or irrelevant in a few years. Of course, as our world constantly shifts, so does the information we have. We can’t account for what the future holds, but we avoid mentioning any temporary events or the year of writing to ensure your content remains relevant for years to come.

By default, we use an informal, friendly, and casual tone that fits most blogs. We may even include humor and brief anecdotes when it makes sense to personalize your blog and improve engagement.

If you’d prefer a more neutral or outright formal tone, we can do that for you. Just let us know when placing your order.

Our blogs are written in American English with imperial units and metric units in parentheses. We can also use British English spelling if you let us know ahead of time.

Phantom Post puts a special emphasis on original, plagiarism-free content. Plagiarized content is legally and morally not okay. Plus, it can seriously hurt your business.

There is an important distinction between plagiarism and inspiration. According to Bartleby, plagiarism is the copying of someone else’s ideas, and inspiration is the creative use of information from a source to do further research and build on it. Our writers use inspiration from reputable sources and people’s experiences to ensure the information in your blog posts is correct.

To ensure your content is accurate and original, we assign your articles to writers in accordance with their preferences and experience.

If you have any guidelines for us, you can submit them when placing your order.

We currently only accept payments via PayPal. We will send you an invoice when you place the order. Once paid and processed, we will write your blog posts.

Our Format

We use a relatively standard blog post format across all our articles. Our introduction is concise and aims to intrigue the reader into reading more while providing the essential information they’re looking for.

If the article is a list, a how-to post with steps as subheadings (in place of a numbered list), or anything similar, it won’t have a tailored answer snippet to avoid overoptimization. Other posts will have an encyclopedic paragraph that directly answers the search intent.

All articles that are 1000 words or longer include a short conclusion by default, so please let us know if you’d like us to exclude it from your articles.

Our articles follow the so-called inverted pyramid structure — the most important information is right at the top. This is mutually beneficial for you and your reader as it boosts engagement.

What makes us stand out from the rest is that our content is also free of punctuation errors that are all too common in published texts on the web — we follow the Associated Press (AP) Style. We also capitalize subheadings per the AP style.

We write and submit all articles in Google Docs and use the standard formatting (Arial font, size 11, 1.15 spacing, left alignment).

Lastly, if you want us to freshen up articles you already have on your blog, we can agree on an hourly rate. The price highly depends on the niche and how out-of-date your blog is.

The goal is to implement Google’s E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) guidelines into your existing content to increase traffic and conversion rates on your website.

AI-Generated Content

To adapt to industry standards, we now offer AI-generated content, more specifically, content made using ChatGPT. This is a great option if you are interested in getting a new blog started without spending too much. And although the content is largely generated by AI, we still fact-check, edit, and enforce our guidelines from start to finish. Sections that AI is struggling with are rewritten, and we also add out E-E-A-T touch to help the content win snippets. We add personalized anecdotes, build backlinks, add relevant videos, etc.

Google has updated their standing on AI-generated content in February, 2023. AI-generated content that is helpful to the reader isn’t against E-E-A-T, which is why we carefully edit and optimize the content, allowing us to save time on writing. We pass the savings directly onto you.

Click here for a sample of what our AI-generated content looks like.

Not all content can be generated by AI. We will first have to check what your content is about to see whether you are eligible for this tier.

If you wish to learn more about anything mentioned, please let us know by emailing Ismar at

Midjourney Images

Our content service has started offering AI-generated images. At the moment, we use Midjourney, as that’s the most advanced prompt-based image generator.

The benefit of Midjourney is that we can tailor-fit the images to be in line with your website’s branding and color scheme. You tell us what kind of images you’d like when you place your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

And if you don’t like them, we’ll revise them for free!

Please note that AI-generated images are not eligible for copyright.

Here’s an example of an image our service has generated:

Glass coffee cup

Refund and Revision Policy

The following information is taken from our Terms of Use.

Revision Policy

Phantom Post provides free revisions for all blog posts written by us. All revision requests must be submitted within THIRTY (30) DAYS of us submitting the article to you via your submissions sheet. We shall not review any revision requests submitted past THIRTY (30) DAYS or for articles that were not written by us. All changes must be announced to Phantom Post via email before they are made. We reserve the right to refuse any revision requests deemed unreasonable by us.

Your revision request shall only be honored if you provide a reasonable and factual explanation for the revision request. If you have submitted guidelines with the articles you ordered, and they were not obliged, we will honor your revision request. If you did not submit guidelines, we will write the article per our in-house research, SEO optimization rules, punctuation, and formatting guidelines. No revision requests shall be honored if you disagree with our rules and guidelines. If you wish to make any changes to our guidelines and style, please notify us before or as you place the order.

We do not add content that was not requested before you placed your order. If you change any writing guidelines during an order, we will not revise any articles that have been written before the change. All articles will be written per the Google Search Engine Results Page. We will only revise written articles. We do not write replacement articles or rewrite previously written articles.

Refund Policy

Phantom Post reserves the right to cancel orders and provide a refund for the articles that were paid for but not written. You may submit a refund request for articles that were paid for but not written by us within NINETY (90) DAYS of the date of the placement of your order. All refund requests shall be submitted to the company via email and must be approved by us.

We are not responsible for duplicate titles. If you send us an order with similar or identical titles, and the articles were written before you notified us, we shall not provide a refund or replacement of any kind.

If you or Phantom Post cancel the order, we will no longer be responsible for revisions and other services provided by us.

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